Whole Body Cryotherapy

cryo ne.jpg

Whole Body Cryotherapy is a 2-3 minutes session, during which time the temperature will drop to (-180 to -240F) in the cryotherapy chamber through the use of nitrogen vapor.

A person stands alone in an individual-size can-like enclosure that is open at the top. A person’s torso and legs are enclosed in the device and exposed to frigid temperatures while the head remains above the enclosure at room temperature. Several people sit or stand in a totally enclosed chamber for two to four minutes. The entire body including the head is exposed to freezing temperatures, generated by liquid nitrogen.

The session implements innovative dry, cold therapy triggering vasoconstriction and vasodiolation stimulating the body’s natural healing processes. Once you step out of the cryotherapy chamber, you will experience rejuvenating effects of the process and notice extended periods of enhanced ability and greater ease in achieving physical results.